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ca. 1947 Epiphone B-5 blonde finish

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This well preserved ca. 1947 Epiphone blonde finish B-5 (895) is in all original condition, including the bridge and the wooden endpin, which may have been cut down some to lower the final height. Laminated spruce top with inlaid purling, Highly figured laminated maple ply sides with exterior linings, Figured maple back with inlaid purling, Highly flame figured two-piece Maple neck with unfigured scroll ears, Engraved gold Kluson tuners, Serial number stamped into the bass-side bottom of the peg box, Brazilian rosewood nut, Thick Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, Dark Brazilian rosewood tailpiece saddle, Figured Maple tailpiece with lacquer finish, Epiphone model badge, and turtle-oid string saddle, Original bridge cut down to more modern gut string height, Maple endpin with lacquer finish, Mixed set of gut strings, with an old nylon and steel A string. DIMENSIONS are: Top length 42 3/4″, Upper bout width 15″, Lower bout width 25 1/2″, Depth at tail 7 1/2″, Depth at upper bout corner 7″, Depth at neck 6 1/4″, String length 42 3/8″. Nice conventionally full profile neck and satisfying “pull” with gut strings. Some staining of the pegbox from the red dye used on some brands of postwar gut strings. Currently strung with Obligato E and A, with plain gut D and G. An extremely nice vintage American plywood bass that will soon be 70 years old. Comes with the original canvas cover.

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