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1954 Gibson L 7-C with added 1958 P-90 harness

Price: $3950

This responsive and lightly built 1954 Gibson L 7-C (A-17961) long ago received a performance modification with the addition of a complete 1958 P-90 pickup harness. Now useable as an electric jazz archtop (or perhaps a country guitar) this instrument was also equipped with a 1950s era Cord Loop attachment bracket at the bass side of the neck block. I was able to finally use a set of 1952-54 era Gibson “speed knobs” on this guitar that I have been carrying around for about 40 years! The original nickel L 7 tailpiece had broken and had been replaced with a chrome plated example. I still have that chrome plated tailpiece in the case pocket, but have installed a new nickel plated tailpiece of the type used on period ES-150 guitars. The Keystone button individual Kluson tuners, Pickguard (modified with a pickup cutout), and adjustable Brazilian rosewood bridge are all original to this guitar and remain in fine working order. The neck, back and sides are all Michigan rock maple. The nice fully carved Sitka spruce top has very even grain for an L 7 model and retains a rich, musical tap tone. When the pickup was out for me to date code the tone and volume pots, I noted that the guitar is light in weight and quite responsive in acoustic mode. The top has 3 old repaired cracks between the pickup and bridge and under the pickguard. The one repair procedure was a fingerboard plane and refret by Alan Perlman to put it back in top playing form. A wonderful jazz or country style electric cutaway archtop at a very easy price. With contemporary TKL hardshell case.

Price: $3,950

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