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Vintage Martin Other Size

I seek out strong examples of Pre-1970 Martin guitars from many sources. With their light build, Adirondack Spruce tops, and scalloped brace voicing, I am strongly interested in all models from the classic late 1920s through 1944 period. I like to have good sounding examples of the larger OOO and Dreadnought sizes in the postwar tapered brace voicing period of 1945 through 1948 with Adirondack Spruce tops ending for all models by late 1946 and Sitka Spruce tops being used exclusively in 1947-48. The beefier build style starting in 1948 progressing up through the mid-1960s produced some really great Dreadnoughts for Bluegrass and other heavier playing styles where volume and clarity are important. Scattered throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, but most notably in the 1952-53 period Martin used light, but strong Engelmann Spruce tops on some of their guitars. Many dealers currently mistake and misname this lighter colored top wood as Adirondack Spruce. I’ll also have smaller model sizes represented in this 1948-1969 group if they are responsive and demonstrate a lot of character in their voice.

Coming Soon: 1931 OO-21, 1938 OOO-18, 1944 OOO-28, 1946 OOO-21

1934 C-2 Conversion to OOO-42 (57953)

This 1934 (57953) Martin started out life as a C-2 archtop, but was professionally converted to OOO-42 configuration by Steve Helgeson. Gorgeous vertical grain Brazilian rosewood back and sides. The original 24 7/8″ scale neck was reset to a flat top guitar angle after the new Sitka spruce top with 42 style abalone purfling was […]

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