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2005 Fender “1957 Stratocaster” reissue (V149738)

Temporary Photo Set ____________________________________________ This consignment 2005 Fender “1957 Stratocaster” reissue (V149738) is American made and in excellent condition, with only a few dings and nicks. The setup allows easy play with standard rock gauge strings. The back plate and 6 attachment screws will be brought in by the consigning owner on his next trip […]

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Price: $995

1974 Fender Telecaster (628712)

This 1974 Fender Telecaster (628712) is in all original condition with very mild signs of play wear on the corners of the body. A nice, straight guitar. With original hardshell case.

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Price: $2850

1968 Ampeg Baby Bass (nsn)

This consignment 1968 Ampeg Baby Bass is a particularly fine example of this popular electric upright bass in that it show no signs of any impacts and the fiberglass body is very healthy and unoxidized. The Baby Bass has been popular with salsa bands for decades, but now has seen increased popularity with players in […]

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Price: Sold

1962 Gibson ES-335 (53123)

This magnificent sounding consignment cherry red 1962 Gibson ES-335 plays very well and shows a few finish flaws from having lived in a humid environment. The keystone buttons on two of the original Kluson Deluxe tuners (high E and B strings) have deteriorated, so a drop-in replacement set is installed for daily use. The top […]

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Price: $16,000

1984 Gibson ES-335 CMT (curly maple top) (82024516)

This mint condition consignment Gibson ES-335 CMT plays quite well and was very well cared for. It comes with the original case, also in mint condition. Bargain priced for this spectacular condition.

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Price: Sold0

1965 Guild Starfire VI (40092)

This well presented consignment 1965 Guild Starfire VI is in fine playable condition and shows good general health. There is a little de-lamination starting on the rear of the neck in the headstock area, but nothing to worry about. The original case is in fine working condition, though the tail area of the top edge […]

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Price: $3500

2008 Parker Mojo Fly (P0804309)

This mint condition consignment 2008 Parker Mojo Fly has been well cared for by its owner, who is now engaging other musical pursuits. It comes with the original hardshell case, including all the case candy. Bargain priced for this condition.

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Price: $1495