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Martin After 1970

There are plenty of great Martin guitars that have been made after 1970, particularly those made in the last 10 years. I especially like those made with extra stiff Adirondack Spruce tops that give a snappy clear treble to go along with the famous Martin bass. Personal favorites are new D-18GE and D-18A and some OM and 12 fret OOO models that I get in trade with Martin dealers.

Coming Soon: 1999 OM-28V, 1994 D-45 Gene Autry, 2008 D-18A

2009 “75th Anniversary” Ltd. Ed. D-18 (1331984)

This photo set was taken before I oiled the fingerboard and bridge, then installed a set of D’Addario medium gauge 80/20 strings. _____________________________________________________ This 2009 “75th Anniversary” limited edition 1934 style Martin D-18 remains in nearly unused condition, as does the original TKL vintage style case. Stiff Adirondack Spruce top with bold grain lines, Honduras […]

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Price: $3250

2003 Mandolin Brothers custom Braz-Ad D-41 (919344)

This 2003 custom Brazilian Rosewood, Adirondack Spruce D-41 (919344) was part of Mandolin Brothers’ series of special custom models and it remains in nearly new condition. The medium density Adirondack Spruce top is braced with forward shifted 1/4″ scalloped spruce bracing stock for a large and responsive voice. The back and sides are made of […]

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Price: $8500

1983 Martin custom ’30s style D-28 (439665)

This custom 1930s style wide neck D-28 style guitar (439665) was special ordered for myself in late 1982 to compliment my 1935 D-18 in neck and string spacing feel. Aware that Martin tended to heavily scallop voice the top braces back then, I ordered it with straight braces and had the top brace voicing performed […]

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Price: $2950

1995 Martin D-40 FMG (Quilted Mahogany) (563832)

This consignment 1995 Martin D-40 FMG (563832) was a Martin limited Edition “Guitar of the Month” model (#73 of 150) and it remains in nearly new condition. Using some of the last remaining stocks of quilted mahogany from “the tree”, this guitar represents the tonal possibilities of a prewar style D-18 with fancier appointments. Gorgeous […]

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Price: $3950