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Gibson really started to put together nice flat top guitars around 1930. My favorite Gibson guitars are from the 1930-35 period when the build style was quite light, making the guitars exceptionally responsive. I’ll feature all flat top Gibson models made during this period, particularly the magical 12 fret L-1, L-2, and Roy Smeck jumbo hawaiian models. From 1936 until the wartime years, the build grew steadily heavier, with sharper clearer tone and great volume when pushed. I’ll feature all flat top jumbo models from this period as well as L-OOs, L-Os, and HG-OOs. Some of my favorite Gibson flat top guitars were made during the “Bannerhead” wartime and just postwar years of 1942-46. Some of these guitars have Mahogany tops that ring with more of a midrange tone than Adirondack or Sitka Spruce from this time. The 1947-54 era post-bannerhead flat top guitars all have scalloped brace voicing except for the ladder braced LG-1. I like the flat top guitars from the era quite a bit and try to stock them when they are available. Gibson guitars made after 1955 can be hit or miss, so I have to audition them before I will take them in. Archtops are kind of a hard sell for me, so from now on I will only take super clean archtops from any era.

Coming soon: 1937 Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe, 1946 J-45, 1939 J-3, 1935 Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe

Early 1935 converted Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe (Batch Number 64A 16)

This consignment very early 1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe (Batch Number 64A 16) well represents one of my favorite batches of the early examples of this model from its first 12 months of production. Specifications from these early production guitars include the smaller 3 3/4″ soundhole diameter and significantly lighter, which promotes a […]

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Price: $8950

1941 Gibson rosewood SJ 200 (3168 G XX)

___________________________________ This extremely well preserved consignment 1941 Gibson SJ 200 (Batch number 3186 G XX) well represents the top of the line 17″ Super Jumbo size “King of the Flat Tops”. The consigning owner wishes to keep the exact batch number confidential until the sale is completed. The features are standard for this year and […]

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Price: $75,000

1970 Gibson Johnny Smith (104821)

Temporary Photo Set ________________________________________________________ This very clean and fine sounding consignment 1970 Gibson Johnny Smith (104821) has had a replacement pickguard made as the only repair procedure. The fast action profile neck and 24 3/4″ string scale make even the most fleet fingered passages a breeze to play. With the original hardshell case.

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Price: $7500

1989 Gibson L-4CES (81384589)

Temporary Photo Set ___________________________ This consignment 1989 Gibson L-4 CES (81384589) remains in near mint condition with just a hint of corrosion on the pickup cover edges. Well maintained for traditional jazz play and strung with flat wound strings. Nice tone and feel. With the original hardshell case.

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Price: $3750

1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe (Batch Number 907A)

____________________________________________________________________ This consignment 1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe (Batch Number 907A) is fully converted to standard play by Alan Perlman, crack-free, very clean, and has a lively response to a light touch. Mahogany neck, back, and sides, Adirondack spruce top, Tuners upgraded to a new Waverly set (originals in case pocket), Original pin […]

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Price: $7950

1930 Gibson L-4 (89890)

This trade-in early 1930 Gibson round hole L-4 is clean with no cracks and it retains all of its original parts except for the endpin, bridge saddle, and pickguard. The finish is very clean and bright. The guitar is very responsive and yields a rich and complex voice with the lightest touch.  Chipboard case.  

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Price: Sold

1921 Gibson A-2 Mandolin 63940 (63940)

This consignment 1921 Gibson A-2 mandolin (63940) remains in nearly mint and all-original condition, with just a few signs of play. The sound is throaty and lively, making it a fine choice for classical music or for old-time string band music. The finish, celluloid pickguard, interior label, and tuner finish are remain very clean and […]

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Price: $1895

Recent Gibson L-Century Elvis Costello model (02387005)

This recently made consignment Gibson L-Century Elvis Costello Limited Edition (02387005) remains in nearly new condition and has a solidly projective voice when played with a flat pick. The L-Century guitars were made by Gibson 1933-38 to help celebrate the Chicago centennial celebrations and exhibitions of 1933. Upgrading from the standard L-OO series, the original […]

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Price: $2500

1972 Gibson blonde L-5 (634056)

This trade-in 1972 blonde finish Gibson L-5CES (634056) is in fine working order and has just had a recent refret for “back to new” setup and playability. The features are all standard for the period, except that the original low and wide jumbo frets have been replaced with more conventional fret wire. The price has […]

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Price: Sold

1933 Gibson spruce top 12 fret L-O (Batch Number 37 XX)

This enchanting 1933 Gibson 12 fret spruce top L-O (Batch Number 37 XX) represents my favorite configuration and time period for Gibson small body flat top guitars. The build is not quite as light as the 1930-31 era guitars can be, so it has a little extra bone and muscle structure for a solid presence […]

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