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1931 Gibson TG-1 (FN 40)

TEMPORARY PHOTO SET ____________________________________ This closet queen 1931 Gibson TG-1 (FON 40) is cleaner than your grandmother’s kitchen floor! This guitar features the enlarged body (14 3/8″ lower bout, 19 1/8″ body width) that premiered about 1930. This guitar shows hardly any signs of having been handled or played at all. Medium grain width Adirondack […]

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Price: $4950

1932 Martin OO-21 (52200)

This consignment 1932 Martin OO-21 (52200) is a beautifully presented example from the golden age of fingerstyle guitars. One of only 50 OO-21 guitars made in 1932, this is one of the cleanest that I have encountered from this year. The top, back, and sides are all free of any injuries or repairs. The bridgeplate […]

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Price: Sold

1935 Martin D-28 (59394)

_____________________________________________________________ NOTE:   The highly polished surfaces of the back and sides makes outdoor photography without reflections exceedingly difficult, to say the least. _____________________________________________________________ This consignment 1935 Martin D-28 (59394) comes to the shop from the estate of a friend who purchased it over 20 years ago from a large upper midwestern electric dealer. The […]

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Price: 79,500

1946 Martin D-28 (95062)

From spring of 1946, this extra resonant and responsive consignment D-28 (95062) is one of only 425 made that year. The combination of lively medium density Brazilian rosewood back and sides, a beautifully quartered Sitka Spruce top, Steel T-bar reinforcement in a full profile neck, and the radically tapered top braces all combine to make […]

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Price: $19,500

1930 Martin OO-21 shadetop (44066)

This consignment 1930 Martin shade top OO-21 (44066) is very lively and presents in very nice, clean condition. The 12 fret guitars from 1930 are often mentioned as being the crowning achievements of Martin’s golden age of steel string building, and this guitar is clear evidence. One of only 85 OO-21 guitars built in 1930, […]

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Price: $15,000

1940 Martin D-28 (76035)

Fresh from a neck reset and refret, this one-owner consignment 1940 Martin D-28 (76035) is lively and in clean condition. This D-28 is one of only 134 made in 1940 and was made late in the year, nearly into 1941. Having been stored in the family home for 25-30 years, the finished surfaces and metal […]

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Price: $65,000

1944 Martin D-28 (87595)

The consignment early 1944 Martin D-28 (87595) has been very well cared for, though there is some evidence that it was intended for use by a stage performer. This guitar is one of only 219 scallop-voiced D-28s made by Martin in 1944. The finish is bright and clean over he entire instrument, with just a […]

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Price: $67,500

1940 Martin D-28 (74244)

This wonderful sounding consignment 1940 Martin D-28 (74244) is very clean and original, except for a patch of belt buckle rash in the middle of the back. Built very early in the year, this D-28 is one of only 134 that Martin made in 1940. The medium-fine grain Adirondack spruce top is free from any […]

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Price: $87,500

1945 Martin D-28 (93083)

This magnificent sounding consignment 1945 Martin D-28 (95083) has the same favored specifications of Adirondack spruce top and steel T-bar neck reinforcement that my all-time favorite personal postwar D-28 had, only few serial numbers away from this one. The stiff narrow grain Adirondack spruce top and radically tapered top brace voicing give this guitar a […]

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Price: $40,000

1942 Martin D-28 (82509)

This consignment 1942 Martin D-28 (82509) is one of only 96 examples made during the first year of WWII. This guitar remains in a fine state of preservation, though it was clearly used for years of performance. The voice is rich and even, responding quickly to a light pick attack. The medium grain width Adirondack […]

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Price: $80,000