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    Prewar Martin and Gibson instruments coming in April

 Among the prewar Martin guitars coming in April are a 1931 OM-18 that went back to Martin for tuner upgrade and a freshening up in 1938-40, a near mint 1932 shade top OM-18, a colorful sounding early 1935 D-28 that just received a better reproduction bridge and some fret work, and a near mint 1944 D-18.

 Vintage Gibson instruments coming in March are a colorfully complex sounding February 18 1924 Loar-signed F-5 and a very strong sounding 1934 scallop-voiced Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe.

 Keep an eye on the “What’s New” section of this front page!

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-Saturday 4-21     9 am – 5 pm


-Monday 4-23         9 am -5 pm

-Tuesday 4-24           9 am – 5 pm

-Wednesday 4-25        9 am – 5 pm

-Thursday 4-126        9 am – 5 pm

-Friday 4-27            9 am – 5 pm

-Saturday 4-28           9 am – 5 pm


It is always best to set an appointment time in advance.

Get your name on the want list!

A number of high quality consignment guitars are heading to the shop from every corner of the U.S.A. and beyond. Some recent arrivals have been sold or put on hold before they even make it to the website listing. I am continuing to keep keep a want list for those players that want to get in line for something very specific in very nice playing condition. Please email or call to discuss your particular requirements.


      What’s New

– 1935 Martin D-28    New bridge, Finish work

– 1931 Martin OM-18    New Tuners in 1938-40

– Used SCGC Tony Rice Professional  As New

– 1950 Martin shadetop OO-18        Even voice, easy play.

– 1946 Martin herringbone D-28   Very resonant, colorful.

– 1939 Recording King rosewood Model 1027   Very strong.

– 1955 Martin D-28      Strong, incisive voice. Clean

– 1930 Martin OO-21 Shadetop      Great sound. Clean

– 1940 Martin D-28      One owner, recent neck reset

– 1944 Martin D-28      Very clean, with little actual use

– 1935 Martin D-18       Quick response, Rich tone

– 1940 Martin D-28      Especially powerful voice, great feel

– 1945 Martin D-28      A magnificent sounding example

– 1983 Martin D-45V   Brazilian rosewood, Rich voice


                In the repair shop

– 1934 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe for a full conversion. This should be a great sounding example, as it is one of the few made originally with scalloped brace voicing.


               Coming Soon

  • 1944 Martin D-18         Near mint condition
  • 1932 Martin Shadetop OM-18      Near mint condition
  • 1931 Martin OM-18          Lively voice, 1938-40 Martin work
  • 1934 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe conversion        Original scalloped braces

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