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Walker Creek Music Camp April 11-14            During the long weekend of April 11-14 I will be helping out at the Walker Creek Music Camp as a teaching assistant for one of two string bass classes, teaching an elective string bass class myself, playing for one of the evening dances, and supplying loaner string basses to music campers who do not own one yet. There are several fine guitar classes as well. Check the Walker Creek Music Camp website for more information.


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  • 1936 Martin D-18
  • 1939 wide neck Martin D-18
  • 1926 Gibson TB-5, 1927 TB-5, 1927 TB-5 conversion, 1927 Florentine conversion, 1928-29 TB Granada conversion, 1929 TB Granada conversion, 1930 TB Granada, 1935 TB Granada conversion, 1935 TB-3 conversion, 1939-40 TB 75
  • 1935 Martin OOO-18
  • 1941 Martin D-28
  • 1937 Martin D-18

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- 1900 Martin O-21    Neck reset, crack repairs

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