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    Pre-1950 Martin and Gibson instruments coming in February.

 Among the prewar Martin guitars coming in November is a A great sounding refinished 1939 D-28 that is both stage and recording studio tested. I had a chance to play this guitar briefly about 6 years ago and found it to be warm and rich from decades of play.

 Among the vintage Gibson instruments expected in January is a 1951 Southerner Jumbo and a special order 1954 Gibson L-7C with added 1958 single P-90 pickup harness, 1954 knobs.

 Keep an eye on the “What’s New” section of this front page!

    Shop Hours for this NAMM week:   

-Saturday  2-16           9 am – 5 pm

-Sunday 2-17      By appointment 11:30-1:30


-Monday 2-18      9 am – 5 pm

-Tuesday 2-19         9 am – 5 pm 

-Wednesday 2-20      9 am – 5 pm

-Thursday 2-21     9 am -5 pm     

-Friday 2-22      9 am – 5 pm    

-Saturday 2-23     9 am – 5 pm

Get your name on the want list!

A number of high quality consignment guitars are heading to the shop from every corner of the U.S.A. and beyond. Some recent arrivals have been sold or put on hold before they even make it to the website listing. I am continuing to keep keep a want list for those players that want to get in line for something very specific in very nice playing condition. Please email or call to discuss your particular requirements.

      What’s New

– 1954 Gibson L 7-C with added 1958 P-90

– 1927 B&D Silver Bell #3 Plectrum banjo

– Early 1941 Martin D-18   Large, Full Voice

– 1931 Gibson TG-1         Larger body, 12 frets.  Dead Mint !!

– Late 1928 Gibson TG-1          Small 1920s body. Forceful, bright.

– 1948 Martin D-28         Very rich sounding dance band guitar.

– 1957 Gibson J-50          Near mint. Good sound and response.

– 1943 Martin D-28          Responsive player. Refinished.

– 1945 Martin OOO-21      Clean. Well developed voice.

– Early 1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe

– 1931 Martin OM-18    New Waverly tuners, overspray, decal

                In the repair shop

– 1954 Gibson L-7C with factory installed P-90 pickup  Refret

 – 1951 Gibson Southerner Jumbo   Reset and refret

               Coming Soon

  • 1939 Wide Neck D-28      Refinished, Stage Veteran

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