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What’s New

   – 1993 Martin MC-68    mint condition, recent neck reset

   – 1998 Super 400 CES blonde    dead mint

   – 1983 Gibson Super 400 CES sunburst    dead mint

   – 1998 Gibson L-5 CT  red     dead mint

   – 1997 Gibson L-5 CES blonde    dead mint

   – 1998 Gibson ES-350T  sunburst    dead mint

   – 1977 Gibson L-5 CES sunburst    dead mint

   – Mint used D’Angelico slim body blonde New Yorker

   – Mint used D’Angelico blue finish New Yorker

   – 1976 Gibson L-5 CES sunburst  nearly mint

   – Mint used Yamaha AEX 1500 cutaway jazz archtop   transducer, hum bucking

   – 1980s Polytone 102 jazz amplifier    dead mint

   – 1949 Martin O-18

   – 1921 Washburn size 1 Model 128

   – Recent used Santa Cruz 12 Fret OO

   – Used Shelton-Faretta Flamenco

   – 2003 Gibson L-4C Custom (NAMM Show) White sparkle finish, Engraved parts

   – 1936 Martin D-18


Annual “spring cleaning” sale       This is the time of year when I have a “spring cleaning” sale on all of the non-consignment guitars to give my customers a chance at getting their favorite instrument at a real bargain price. All current prices reflect these very recent changes. If you have any questions about current inventory or what is on the way to me, please call or email.


Coming Soon

  • 1939 Martin D-45       Same owner since 1967. Available in December 2015
  • 1947 Martin D-28       Clean surfaces. Same owner since 1959!
  • 1945 Martin D-18        Sitka spruce top, clean and straight
  • 1941 Martin D-18        An especially fine sounding player grade D-18
  • 1940 Martin D-28      A very fine and clean one family herringbone D-28 in transit
  • 1941 Martin D-28       Same owner since the 1970s
  • 1937 Martin D-18       Same owner since the 1960s

In the Repair Shop

– Nothing right now

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