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What’s New

   – 1959 Guild T-100 blonde cutaway archtop

    – 1994 Gibson Roy Smeck Radio Grande reissue

   – 1988 Gibson ES-175

   – January 1941 Martin D-18

   – 1922 Martin OO-21


Coming Soon

  • 1943 Martin D-18
  • Early 1945 Martin D-18
  • 1951 Martin OOO-28
  • 1941 Martin D-18
  • mid-1936 D-18          A fine example that has been family-owned since new
  • 1941 Martin D-28     Same owner since the 1970s
  • 1937 Martin D-18      Same owner since the 1960s
  • 1994 Gibson Roy Smeck Radio Grande

In the Repair Shop

– 1936 Martin D-18     Neck reset and refret, New bridge saddle, Install new pin set, bridge plate pin  hole repairs, side crack

– 1943 Martin D-18       New frets, crack repair in side near tail block, better replacement tuners

– Early 1945 Martin D-18      New frets, reglue fingerboard extension

– Mid-1941 Martin D-18       Neck reset, Refret, New bridge

– 1951 Martin OOO-28           Neck reset, Refret, Pickguard cracks repairs

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