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   – 1941 Martin D-18

   – 1936 Martin OOO-18          Lively voice, affordable

   – 1945 Martin OOO-28        Very early tapered brace model

   – 1952 Martin D-18               Complex voice and easy response

   – 1950 Martin D-18              Powerhouse, balanced voice

   – 1905 Martin OO-42           colorful voice, very responsive

   – 1940 Martin D-28        very clean, colorful voice

   – 2001 Gilchrist wide neck model 5 mandolin       spectacular

   – 1946 Martin O-18           great player

   – 1922 Vega model Whyte Laydie no. 2 open back 5 string

   – 1924 Vega model X no. 9 tenor banjo      very clean

   – 2011 Martin “Sing Out” OO-17 Limited Edition

   – 1998 Super 400 CES blonde    dead mint


Central Coast Guitar Show May 2 in San Luis Obispo       This event has been relocated to a much better venue this year, the Grange Hall at 2880 Broad Street in San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. The hours are 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday, May 2. I will have nearly all of the fretted instruments in the shop displayed at this event in a 40′ booth. If there is room, I will carry a few string basses as well. SLO is a beautiful city with many great restaurants and a lot of destinations for the rest of the weekend.


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  • 1947 Martin D-28       Clean surfaces. Same owner since 1959!
  • 1941 Martin D-18        An especially fine sounding player grade D-18
  • 1941 Martin D-28       Same owner since the 1970s
  • 1937 Martin D-18       Same owner since the 1960s

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