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What’s New

   – 1993 Martin MC-68    mint condition, recent neck reset

   – 1998 Super 400 CES blonde    dead mint

   – 1983 Gibson Super 400 CES sunburst    dead mint

   – 1998 Gibson L-5 CT  red     dead mint

   – 1997 Gibson L-5 CES blonde    dead mint

   – 1998 Gibson ES-350T  sunburst    dead mint

   – 1977 Gibson L-5 CES sunburst    dead mint

   – Mint used D’Angelico slim body blonde New Yorker

   – Mint used D’Angelico blue finish New Yorker

   – 1976 Gibson L-5 CES sunburst  nearly mint

   – Mint used Yamaha AEX 1500 cutaway jazz archtop   transducer, hum bucking

   – 1980s Polytone 102 jazz amplifier    dead mint

   – 1949 Martin O-18

   – 1921 Washburn size 1 Model 128

   – Recent used Santa Cruz 12 Fret OO

   – Used Shelton-Faretta Flamenco

   – 2003 Gibson L-4C Custom (NAMM Show) White sparkle finish, Engraved parts

   – 1936 Martin D-18

Texas Amigos Vintage Guitar Show in Costa Mesa January 24-25  I will have a 40′ booth at the Texas Amigos vintage guitar show in Costa Mesa (Orange County Fairgrounds), 7 miles away from the Anaheim NAMM show January 24-25. Hours on Friday January 17 are 10-5 pm and on Sunday January 18 it will be shorter, from 10-4 pm. Saturday I will have all of the recently acquired jazz archtop guitars on display. See you there!


Coming Soon

  • 1947 Martin D-28       Clean surfaces. Same owner since 1959!
  • 1945 Martin D-18        Sitka spruce top, clean and straight
  • 1941 Martin D-18        An especially fine sounding player grade D-18
  • 1940 Martin D-18       A good sounding player grade guitar
  • 1940 Martin D-28      A very fine and clean one family herringbone D-28
  • 1941 Martin D-28       Same owner since the 1970s
  • 1937 Martin D-18       Same owner since the 1960s

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