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    Special discount price on near mint 1941 Gibson SJ-200

  The consigning owner of the near mint 1941 Gibson SJ-200 found in the “Gibson” section is very motivated to sell it quickly and has reduced the price significantly. Please call or email to make an appointment to inspect and audition this magnificent example of one of Gibson’s very rare rosewood SJ-200s.

    Beginning Bass Class April 7-10 at Walker Creek

 For guitar players looking to explore the world of string bass playing, I will be assisting the instructor for a beginning bass class at the Walker Creek Music Camp. Held over a long weekend of April 7-10, the Walker Creek Music Camp is a great chance to immerse new playing into a low impact setting with lots of jams and workshops. I supply free string basses to those students who don’t own one or who can’t fit one in to camp supplies for the weekend. For more information, please see the website:

   Shop Hours for this week:


-Monday 3-27      9 am – 5 pm

-Tuesday 3-28      9 am – 5 pm

-Wednesday 3-29   9 am – 5 pm

– Thursday 3-30      9 am – 5 pm

-Friday 3-31    9 am – 5 pm

-Saturday 4-1    9 am to 5 pm

It is always best to set an appointment time in advance.



  Vintage American Plywood Basses

There is significant crossover interest between vintage acoustics guitars and vintage American plywood basses, so I will cross-post these to the “Electric Basses” page on this guitar website. At the moment, the shop inventory represents all major American plywood bass fiddle brands made from the 1930s throughout the 1960s. Included now are: 1962 American Standard, 1954 King Moretone, 1941 Gibson B-135, ca. 1947 Epiphone B-5, and a 1942 Kay O-100. These basses are also listed on the sister acoustic bass website,

Get your name on the want list!

A number of high quality consignment guitars are heading to the shop from every corner of the U.S.A. and beyond. Some recent arrivals have been sold or put on hold before they even make it to the website listing. I am continuing to keep keep a want list for those players that want to get in line for something very specific in very nice playing condition. Please email or call to discuss your particular requirements.

      Prewar, Wartime Herringbone Martin D-28s in stock

The selection of original Martin herringbone D-28s is quite good now, with three of them currently in stock. Ranging in price and condition from a well-played and great sounding 1943 D-28, to the very clean 1940 and 1941 examples that were owned and played by a single owner in each case. Special appointment arrangements must be made to audition these last two instruments, as they must be brought in from an off-site location.



      What’s New

– 1943 Martin D-18                Very strong and even musical voice

– 2001 Nashville Guitar Company 12 Fret OOO cutaway     Brazilian rw

– 1996 Goodall Standard             Goodall’s Rosewood Dreadnought model

– 2005 Fender Stratocaster “1957 Reissue     Very Clean and well set up

– 2005 Guild X-500       Near mint, strung with jazz flat wound strings

– 1989 Gibson L-4CES    Near mint, strung with jazz flat wound strings

– 1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe conversion       Clean, lively response

– 1927 National round neck tricone    From the first batch, some early pre-factory features.

– Early 1946 Martin D-18      Small repairs and light overspray, Great sound

 – Early converted 1935 Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe     Easy playing, responsive

– 1977 Fendar Jazz Bass      Honest play wear, Not heavy in the body

– 1943 Martin D-28       Single family owned since 1948

– 1924 Gibson A mandolin   Clean and original, nice voice

– 1921 Gibson A-2 mandolin       Lively voice, very clean

– Recent Custom Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass  “As New”

– Recent Fender Select Jazz Bass        Clean, “As New”


               Coming Soon

  • 1937 Martin D-28           Magnificent sound, tonally very complete
  • 1936 Martin D-28           Clean and bright finish, 3 repaired top cracks
  • 1970 Martin D-35S         Clean, Brazilian Rosewood back and sidesIn the Repair Shop

       String Bass Website

See our companion website for the complete inventory and related material for the bass violins in stock.

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